Classic arcade breakout game. Play free arkanoid style games - hit the ball with a paddle.

Javanoid Arcade Online
( Size 63-106k )

One of the best free Breakout - Pong style games to play free in the Internet. As in all the games pong and bap games the idea is to hit the ball with a paddle, directing it towards the blocks or bricks to destroy them before loosing all the allowance of balls for the given game level. Javanoid is a twelve levels breakout game and is one of the most addictive free arcade games in the internet.

START - to begin game
DEMO - runs demo
PAUSE > RESUME - to slow down > to continue
SPEED - speed of the games

The "paddle" is controlled with the mouse: right left.
Click - to loosen or to shoot the ball

Out of the breakout arcade games, the interesting thing about this Javanoid version is that the player discovers tricks to get the elements or "tablets" to fall. They work as sort of game cheat codes to change the characteristics of the game. Run to get the weapons and tools that fall randomly from selected blocks - so the advanced levels are more interesting.

Effect of the TABLETS
Blue - it increases to 3 the balls of the game
Network - firing paddle
Green - sticky paddle
Red - gives the player a shooting paddle

Yellow - longer paddle
Gray - smaller paddle
Orange - Either gives an extra Ball, make balls go cross through the blocks - bricks, or add a bonus to the player's score.

Gray blocks must be hit three times.
Gold blocks can't be destroyed.

Author: Remi Faitout -

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