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Mahjong Solitaire

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Crystal Eater

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onet puzzle Game Onet Puzzle Game  
If you like Mahjong games you will like Onet. The true challenge start when the columns MOVE and matching pairs of tiles demands more startegic decisions.
Puzzle Games  

reversi board game Reversi Game  
Play this classic board game against a friend or against the computer. Develop the strategy and logic thinking to conquer most of the pieces of your oponent and win!
Board Games  

spider solitaire games Spider Solitaire  
Play full screen in your browser the classic card game for free; select the number of suits, order the cards in descending runs and develop the skill to remove all cards by completing King to Ace sets.
Card Games  

Free Mahjong Solitaire Free Mahjong  
The popular tile matching game here using objects and bright colored symbols. Play the classic turtle configuration or select an easier or difficult pyramid to have more fun.
Solitaire Games  

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Mahjong Tiles Games Mahjong
Old solitaire classic game to eliminate matching pairs
Mini Golf Golf Game
Mini golf course of 18 holes to play free online
Tetris Game Free Tetrollapse
Play a flavor of Tetris game free online
Starship Video Game Starship Lander
Game to play levels of Lunar Lander style in outer space travel
Strategy Games Hexxagon
Play this strategy board game and conquer your contender pieces
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Frequent Answers - Free Games FAQ

- This games website is now divided in three sections; first the HTML5 GAMES section, starting with this page and identified with H#; then the FLASH GAMES section identified with F#; and last the old games web site containing JAVA GAMES.

FLASH GAMES are sentenced to disappear, as JAVA GAMES did, because most major companies will not support FLASH content after 2020; including Adobe who will not update the FLASH plugin any longer. I remember the days when Flash games did not exist, most games were build using JAVA programming language. JAVA was an important component of a desktop computer System. Unfortunately, with recent updates of JAVA many good old JAVA games do not work properly, or just DO NOT WORK.
Flash games did continue to execute fine, although most MOBILE devices do not process Flash. Now websites must be responsive and written in JAVASCRIPT if we expect them to work in mobile devices, like cell phones and tablets, as well as in desktop computers.... what is next?.

This site contains many JAVA games, and they will remain for those with old Operating Systems, and as a reminiscence of the origin, and how the games Online started. They are also a flashback of this old games site =

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