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MahJong Solitaire Board Games MahJong Solitaire 98 KB
A Chinese classic free solitaire game. It looks like a cards solitaire where the player has to find matching pairs of images at the end of the block lines; the game will tell you when no more moves are possible !
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Golf Solitaire 155 KB
Free Solitaire card game where the player eliminates cards, from the bottom of the card columns, one value Higher or Lower than the card facing up. An addictive solitaire game to play online.
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Pyramid Solitaire 203 KB
A Solitaire card game where the player eliminates pairs of cards that add up 13. Pick exposed cards from the base of the cards pyramid or piles of cards; the game is timed so play fast.
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Blackjack free game online Black Jack - 21 104 KB
A classic of the card games to play online. Play free this casino game against the computer, and keep your bank account untouched. Try to beat the dealer getting the perfect game - cards =21
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