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Submarine PC Game for Big Kids Submarine War 220 KB
The player mission in this PC war game is to sink enemy ships shooting torpedoes from the submarine that you control. Pick up supplies from the dolphins! Enemy submarines must be destroyed in advanced levels
Action PC Games  

PC Labyrinth Maze Games for Big Kids Labyrinths 3D 190 KB
PC Labyrinth games, as well as maze puzzles, are really old; but imagine what is to solve an endless supply of 3D labyrinths. Let your PC generate some fun...
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Missile Command - PC War Games Missile Command 50 KB
The objective of this commandos war game is to defend this city of being destroyed by the falling projectiles. Higher levels are faster and dangerous. This PC game provides new constructions in exchange for high scores.
Action War Games  

Worm Tetris - PC  Games Online Moonstar 2 198 KB
Select from 3 variations of this classic game similar to Tetris. Drive the falling worm to complete sets of colors or destroy the guarded emeralds. Customize PC games to your specifications... !
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