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Sports Game Balls Smash - Free Sports Bar Game
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Click on the balls that you want to swap and complete lines of at least 3 similar sports balls. Aligned balls are eliminated and you add to your score.

Try to get the best score during the 5 minutes provided by this sports game.

Definition of "Sport"
Sport is a major area of human interest and activity. A large part of our leisure, and newspaper and TV time is given over to it.

A pragmatic approach to defining "sport" is to look at the common usage of the term.

A sport can be operationally defined as an activity characteristically involving :

The exercise of a useful physical skill recreationally, i.e. for a purpose other than its practical application in daily life.
Conforming to a set of rules for the activity while aiming to attain excellence.
The excellence referred to above may be measured against previous benchmarks, time measurements, performance of the other team or participants, world records, etc..

Examples of skills which have become sports:

Gladiators in Rome fought and killed for the delectation of the audience, rather than to protect the Empire:
Yachting is the travel across water for enjoyment or competition rather than e.g. for transport or commerce:
Running is done on a course for a fixed length of time or distance, rather than simply to catch a bus.
Physical sports use characteristics such as strength, stamina, speed, dexterity and other skills, other sports use more cerebral skills (see mind sport), such as strategic thinking in chess. This article, however, will concentrate on physical aspects of sport.

The line between sports, games, exercise and play is certainly not clear; games are often redefined as sports when they involve particularly skilled participants, which gives them appeal to non-participants. This is especially true in the modern age, which gives much weight to the spectator aspect of sports. Similarly, play is usually understood as less purposeful activity, but can become more like a game or sport as it conforms more to external rules or patterns of behaviour. Exercise is action to develop skill or ability, and may be a forerunner of both sport and games.


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