Jigsaw Puzzles - Twin Towers - WTC Pictures
Jigsaw Puzzle - Small figures picture Jigsaw Puzzle - Brooklyn Bridge  Picture Jigsaw Puzzle - Brooklyn Bridge  Picture 2
Jigsaw Puzzle - East River NY   Picture Jigsaw Puzzle - Twin Towers WTC   Picture Jigsaw Puzzle - Twin Towers Top View   Picture

Click on selected photo and a new window will open.

Put together Jigsaw Puzzles with pictures of the Twin Towers NYC
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Size 30k - 50k)

Challenge your memory and observation by putting together these jigsaw puzzles. Select and click one of the thumbnails and the game will display an enlarged picture of the Twin Towers, and New York neighborhoods

You have to analyze the selected photo and put your attention on the details; the puzzle game will later display a section of the photo, and you have to put it back in place by clicking on the area (?) where it should go. If your choice is right the image section will remain; if your choice is wrong the jigsaw puzzle will continue displaying a new section.

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