Jigsaw Puzzles - Twin Towers - WTC Photos

Jigsaw Puzzle - Twin Towers - Soho Thinking Puzzle - Brooklyn Bridge Photo Twin Towers an Bicycle Man Photo
Restaurant Photo - Twin Towers at the Window Little Men Photo and WTC NY Puzzle Bridge and Twin Towers Photo
Twin Tower Frame Photo Puzzle Plant and South NY Photo Twin Towers Center Photo Puzzle
People, Bridge, Twin Towers Photo   South Manhattan Photo Puzzle

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Find the solution to these Twin Towers Photo Puzzles
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These photos of New York and the twin towers have been cut in rectangular sections and each section moved to a different location as a jigsaw puzzle. Find the solution to these puzzles by developing a strategy to put the pieces back in the right places.

The top Menu of the puzzle displays two choices:
Scramble - will create the Puzzle.
Solve - will bring back the original photo.
To move the photo sections just place the cursor on the section that you want to move and the puzzle game will do the move.

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